Lesson Plan
7th grade Spanish 1

Essential Learnings: Using digital media, students will create an original presentation and through speaking, listening, reading, and writing, students will be able to describe themselves, others, and other objects/places. Students will describe meaningful people, places, and objects with descriptive adjectives.
Overview: Create a Voicethread in SPANISH with images from Flickr that uses adjectives to accurately describe people, places, or objects.
Time Line: 4 days-Four 45 minute class periods
Materials needed: Student notes and vocabulary from class, computers, Voicethread website, online English/Spanish dictionaries, pens/pencils, paper, flashdrive, headphones
Differentiation: Students will have many choices in this project. They may choose the pictures they would like to describe and the adjectives they would like to use. If they decide to, students may draw their own pictures by hand or on their computer. If 15 images seem like too many, the number of slides may be reduced. For students who decide to go above and beyond, they may create more grammatically complex sentences.

Day 1: Project Introduction- Preparation

In classroom,

Warm-up: PRE-ASSESSMENT on Spanish Adjectives (5 minutes) - Circle the correct answer:
1. In Spanish, adjectives generally come ( before / after ) the noun.
2. When describing nouns, adjectives must agree with the noun in
-Gender and number
-Style and sound
-Plural and masculine
-Sound and feminine
3. To make the noun “libro” plural, you would add ( s / oe / as )
4. To make the noun “papel” plural, you would add ( s / es / as )
Have students check their own work and ask questions about the quiz.
Review concepts and provide additional examples of how to describe nouns with adjectives in Spanish. (5 minutes)
Discussion: Discuss how to describe nouns with adjectives reminding students that most times, the noun comes first which is different than in English.
Have students give examples of describing nouns using clothing vocabulary and classroom objects vocabulary. (10 minutes)

  1. Describe project to students. (15 minutes) They will be completing a voicethread to describe clothing, classroom objects, or other nouns with their choice of adjectives. Fifteen images from Flickr must be included in their voicethread, 1 per slide. Each slide will also include the noun that describes the image and 1 adjective that describes the noun.



Students may also look up new vocabulary terms if they want to use words they do not know yet.
For this, they will use www.wordreference.com to translate from English to Spanish.
All new vocabulary terms must be verified by Senorita Wolff.
2. In last 15 minutes of class, students will begin by brainstorming on paper their list of 15 nouns they want to use to be the images in their presentation.
(They may write the English noun but only if the Spanish noun is unknown.)
If their list is not complete, they must finish it for homework.

Day 2-Using Flickr to find images

Warm-Up: Students will log onto their computers and go to: http://shilohmiddlespanish.wikispaces.com/
On the home page, a link for a quick review of adjectives is available.
They will complete either flashcards, matching, concentration, or wordsearch and notify Senorita Wolff when finished. (5-10 minutes)
  1. After warm-up, students will find images for their Voicethread on www.flickr.com. They may save these to their student drive at school or to their flashdrive. (15-20 minutes)
  2. Once they have their images, they need to make sure their list of nouns has been translated entirely into Spanish. (2-4 minutes)
  3. Next, they will need to choose an adjective from our vocabulary list that they will use to describe each image. Students will select one adjective to best describe each image from flickr. (15 minutes) Students should now have their noun/adjective list complete which is their script for their Voicethread.

Closure: Ask for volunteers to share one new noun/adjective combination to the class.

Day 3- Computer Lab

  1. Students will report to the media center for a presentation on Voicethread from the media specialist. We will see who has used Voicethread before and walk through how to navigate the site. (25 minutes)
  2. Students will work on uploading and organizing their pictures for the remainder of class. If time permits, they may begin recording. (20 minutes)

Day 4-Computer Lab & Collaboration
  1. Students will go directly to the media center to finish their presentations. (5-20 minutes, varies)
  2. Students will begin viewing the presentations of their classmates and commenting on their Voicethreads. Comments may be typed or spoken and must address grammatical concepts. Comments must be made on at least 3 other classmates’ presentations.
  3. Students will save presentations to Spanish folder named “Voicethreads” on Shared drive at school. They must write their first and last name next to their Voicethread link. (15-20 minutes)

Discussion: During the last 5 minutes of class, the teacher will do something called “Spotlighting.”
This is when the teacher browses and selects “Spotlight Comments” to provide students with examples of high quality work to model their own posts after.
Comments that are ineffective should be highlighted as well, so that students know what not to do.